Saturday, April 22, 2017


This is where we start : my first blog post and with it, truly launching the second aspect of my website – the aspect that allows me to connect with my audience.

My path to this moment has been a circuitous one. While I’ve long had an interest in art, it lay dormant for many years as I managed other aspects of my life and career, a tale that will certainly be familiar to many.  But on a whim, in 2003, I signed up for a sketching class, and the pull I felt toward creating art came roaring back.

From there, I slowly developed a path as an artist, taking classes and workshops on and off for a number of years. Things changed once again in the spring of 2007, when I was invited on an “En Plein Air” trip to France.

There, I learned what it meant to be a painter. At turns challenged and inspired throughout my trip, I returned with a greater understanding of the elements of painting, a stronger eye for the impact of lights, colors and shapes, and a greater desire than ever to make painting my life’s work.

I’ve spent my time dabbling in various mediums – watercolor, pastels, acrylics, collage – before deciding that acrylics is my preferred medium, though I do sometimes continue to create in collage, as well. I do the bulk of my work in my studio in Silver Spring, a basement room in my house that’s been completely fitted out for an artist’s needs. There, surrounded by my library of completed works, book-lined walls and stacks of supplies, I allow my creativity to find its way onto the canvas.

I explore a variety of subjects in my work : landscapes, florals, abstracts, still life. What I most enjoy about creating art is allowing my imagination to run wild. Oftentimes, the end creation is one that surprises even me, its creator, and some of my happiest accidents have been born naturally on the canvas.

I enjoy the entire process of producing art, and recently have embraced a new level of life as an artist – that of sharing my art with those who view it. From gallery shows to working on my website and digital presence, the ability to connect with an audience about my creative process, my inspirations and my collected works is something I find incredibly rewarding.

Thank you for finding my corner of the internet, and I hope you’ll continue to read along as I share news on my work, shows and inspiration.